Windscreen wiper motor repair and brushes replacement

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It all started when the windscreen wipers started to seize. I thought the problem was with the mechanism itself, disassembled and oiled it, but it still kept seizing. Finally I got problems with the fuse and the wipers stopped working. Click here to read more.. »

Uncategorized December 14th 2014

Polishing the wheels from A to Z

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People say that the good wheels are half the car look and I totally agree with this point of view. Somebody likes the modern design, somebody else prefers the genuine look and for someone the most important thing is originality. It’s up to you what to choose – the problem is that you can’t always find the design that suits you completely. And even if you do – what if it becomes worse with years? Click here to read more.. »

Uncategorized February 26th 2014

Repairing the odometer on W123

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My odometer started playing pranks more and more often and finally got out of order. In the first time I managed to make it work by resetting the daily mileage. So I decided to repair the whole system. Click here to read more.. »

Uncategorized February 25th 2014

Replacing the heat regulator and the anti-freezing liquid – through the example of a 102 engine

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I faced the following situation: the engine temperature won’t rise higher than 172-176°F (78-80°C) on the move according to the dashboard. During initial running the temperature quickly rises up to 212°F (100°C), and after I start driving it falls to 176°C (80°C).  Click here to read more.. »

Uncategorized February 17th 2014

Replacing the clutch master cylinder on W201 and other models

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This story happened at my home; I pressed the clutch pedal before starting the engine, but instead of usual slight resistance I heard some weird noise and the pedal fell in.

After visual check I found out that the clutch master cylinder rod has broken in the spot where it is attached to the pedal plastic holder. Click here to read more.. »

Uncategorized February 16th 2014

Cleaning the W123 fuel sending unit


Detach the accumulator terminal. To remove the fuel tank sending unit, unscrew the two screws that hold the first aid kit body on the back shelf (closer to the back seat). Click here to read more.. »

Uncategorized February 15th 2014

Adjusting the control pressure regulator on the K-Jetronic injection system

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On the photos 1 and 24 you can see how a control pressure regulator (CPR) looks like.

Click here to read more.. »

Uncategorized February 9th 2014

Repairing a sunroof

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To begin with we need to make up our mind on what type of a sunroof we are going to disassemble and up to what condition. The procedure of disassembling a mechanical sunroof is pretty simple and is described here by a set of points that would be almost the same for an automated sunroof. That’s why we are going to base on a power sunroof. Click here to read more.. »

Uncategorized February 6th 2014

K-Jetronic fuel control unit on a 102 engine at a glance


I wanted to fill in the gaps in knowledge and get and idea of how the K-Jetronic system looks like from inside for a long time already. As the KE system has been described and pictured for many times I decided to show you how the K-Jetronic system on a 102 engine of the W123 model operates. A sharp desire to see what’s there inside has inspired me to make the pictures and write this article. I hope that everyone can satisfy his or her curiosity now. We are going to disassemble the device mentioned above completely. So, let’s begin! Click here to read more.. »

Uncategorized February 5th 2014

Front suspension arm replacement on W201 and W124

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The reason for replacing my bottom left suspension arm is its complete unworthiness due to it being bent after my vehicle has crashed into a concrete street curb. Click here to read more.. »

Uncategorized December 16th 2013