A couple of words about the break lines

The time has come to replace the break lines – the front right one started leaking and it’s my luck that it didn’t blow out on the way.

The break lines prices vary and I managed to purchase two of them for about 15$ – this is just for you to have a rough estimate. Now let’s get to business.

If you want to make an “everlasting” break line you are going to need a 6,4-mm heat shrink tube that can be bought in almost any shop that sells electronic components. After that you will need to let a mechanic put them on. Here is what you get as a result:

To make the tube tight enough you will need a heat gun.

Warm up the tube at a steady pace.

You can see the difference:

If the length of one tube (approximately 3 feet) is not enough, overlap the second one:

And here’s what we finally get as a result:

I can’t give an exact estimate on how long will it serve you but I’m sure they will outlive your car.

Good luck!

Provided by Kentavr

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