This site was started after 12 years of existence of the famous russian site “OLDMERIN.net” founded in 2001. “Merin” is the russian short name of  “Mercedes-Benz”, like “Benz” in US, or “Merc” in Europe. This site is dedicated to old, used cars, and problems of DIY service and repair. After that period of time I finally realised, that I should bring this rich experience to english-speaking community.

My name is Andrew Saenko, I am from St-Petersburg, Russia. During last 15 years I owned of five Mercedeses – two W123, one W201, two W202. I like the last one, it has all the options like climat control, cruise, ESP, etc….

In this blog I plan to translate instructables, that present on our board and was posted by our community since 2002 year.  So, if you have you own photos and descriptions of repair, you can post it here. Just write me, and I give you login to post.