Ball and springs replacement in W201 and W124

Warning: the operation is not simple, and doing it without special devices is not easy!
1) jack car and remove the wheel.


2) Put a support under the arm (in my case a hydraulic jack) and omit to a maximum compression of the spring.
3) Put the spring clamps (better to put one central one, as two external  make deinstallation (installation) of the spring difficult. If you only want to change the ball, you can use any type).
4) Compress spring maximally.
5) Turn off the bolt, tightening finger ball (good work “X” shaped, wheel wrench).
6) We remove the stand (hydraulic jack) and, if necessary, remove the spring, bends toward the rack.
Now you can freely operate the lever….

7) Cut  ball finger by cutting machine, make a support and knock the ball remains of a sledgehammer (2- 3 strokes are enough).

8) The ball joint has a special recess (reference point). Set this point, as shown in picture above.

9) Install a new ball so that its flange and the mounting face of the lever be parallel.

This is followed by two variants of fitting: 1) choose the appropriate diameter pipe for the base and the mandrel for driving with a sledgehammer. 2) make or take anywhere device for driving in.


10) Evenly tighten the nuts on the DIY device so as not to skew the ball.
11) After pressing assembly everything in reverse order.

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