Central panel dismantling and heater fan mode switch repair – W201

I would start by telling you that the fan mode switch failed to function properly. Or, better to say, it didn’t work properly in the “3” mode. Thus I had to remove the central panel coverage in order to take it out.

Here’s the whole process from the very beginning and to the end.

1. Remove the switch handle – pulling it with some effort is enough.

2. Use a screwdriver to hook the switch facing and take it out as well.

3. Remove the central cowlings and screw out the two top screws as shown.

4. Remove the temperature and airflow handles by pulling them with some effort.

5. Unscrew the handle fixation screw-nuts.

6. Remove the handle “cups”. The arrows point to the highlighting bulbs.


There are only two of them. Using LED they highlight the fan switch and the central handles that change the heater modes.
7. Screw out the side screws that fix the front panel itself.

8. Pull the front panel.

9. Rotate the switch holding locks using the 4-mm hex key.

10. Pull out the switch…

11. Detach the cable anchor assembly and the actuating rod.

12. Press the fastening mechanism of the cable shell with a screwdriver and separate the cable from the mechanism.

13. Unplug the switch pickup and take it out.

The switch repair
Take off the actuating rod closing ring.

The detail we need to replace was not originally supposed to be removable that’s why it’s sealed on its fixing points. But we can take a knife and cut off the seals.

The main reason of the switch breakdown is the increased resistance of the mode switch contacts that occurs due to the contacts corrosion. As a result the contacts start getting hot and melt the plastic turn on/off mechanism (the melted one is on the left).

As you can’t purchase a new lever separately we need to restore the old one. We need some tin-plate – a small piece of a tin can will do. Carefully cut out the figure shown below…

And glue it to the lever.

Assemble the switch in the reverse order and don’t forget to clean all the electric contacts. Use a copper to seal the switch. After such a repair my switch serves for over three years already and I hope it will serve me twice as long.

Assemble the switch and enjoy the fan functioning properly in any mode.

Provided by Kentavr

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