Generator voltage regulator repair and brushes replacement

Sometimes you may face a situation when the generator brushes are out of repair, yet the generator itself is still in good condition. In order not to buy a new generator, which is pretty expensive, you can purchase an original Bosh repair kit, or simply do what I have done.

So, let’s start. As my generator was taken off already (which is not must as a matter of fact), I brought it home and started the repair there.

Unscrew the two bolts out of the generator holding and remove it.

Check the generator armature ring condition.

The wear-out should be equal without any beadings or holes. If there are any or if you change your brushes every 2-4 thousand miles, you’ll have to polish the rings in case they are not completely wear-out.

A regulator with the wear-out brushes:

To perform the repair you will need new brushes. The brushes from some other cars can be used as well.

Take the brushes out of the “donor”:

Take out the old brushes from the regulator (if its construction allows this) or bore a 1-1.2-mm hole in the middle.

The old brush should fall out as we bore the hole at the spot where it is fixed.

Clean the brushes and remove any dirt. Insert the new brush.

And braze it.

Glycerol flux should better be used.

Repeat the actions with the second brush and check that the brushes can move freely inside by slightly pressing them. What you get should look like this:

It takes about an hour to complete the repair. It’s hard to give any estimates on how durable repair is – it depends on you and on the new brushes quality. My generator works fine for 20,000 miles already after the brush replacement.

Good luck to everybody!

Provided by Kentavr

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