Illustrated report on fixing the tension roller of the Mercedes OM 601-603 belt

I suppose that a number of people have sooner or later faced the defect of the tension roller in general and the rocker arm bearing failure in particular. Personally I had a situation when I needed to restore the normal operation of the car urgently. It was a Friday night when I found out that the tension roller was at a crooked angle, and next Saturday morning I was going to drive to Brest, and you need to realize that the distance is rather long, who knows what may happen… So I solved this problem by installing two 6004 2rs inline ball bearings instead of the single wider one. I cost me as low as 2$ to solve the question. Later I found out that the normal ball-bearing price in a local store starts at 15$ and even higher prices. When I went to an ordinary market I was astonished: the cheapest price was 30$. So I decided not to by the news ones. At this very moment I have driven more than 40,000 km and everything works fine. Last week tiffany925 made the same operation to a friend of mine and made some photos, so I decided to make this illustrated report afterwards.

Now let us go step by step.

1. Knock out the pin and remove the lock ring.

2. Remove the ball bearing itself.

3. Wear-out of true can be seep with the naked eye.

4. The size of a standard ball bearing is 20*42*29 mm while the 6004 rs2 ball bearing is 20*42*12 mm. So we need to create a ring with the size of 20*30*5 mm. If you have no turner among your friends I suggest you use the old bearing cage and a slitting cutter. Let the jointing edge be your orienting point.

5. Grip in a vice, but really hard, and cut it off, carefully fit afterwards.

6. Now we have got the ring ready.

7. Usually new ball bearings lack lubricant. Open the dust cap and add as much lubricant as it fits there.

8. Knock the first ball bearing.

9. Install the intermediate ring we have created before. Add some more lubricant for it not to move around freely after we add the second ball bearing.

10. Knock the second ball bearing.

11. Knock the pin. Install the lock ring. The roller is ready!

I wish good luck to everyone. Do not judge me strict – this is my first photo-report.

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