Illustrated report on repairing the M102 engine fan clutch for multiple-grooved pulley

Last summer I decided to wash my radiator and get rid of all that dirt inside. The new two-year-old radiator appeared to have such a huge amount of various dirt in the radiator core that I had to wash it for six times during four hours in my bathroom. Finally I updated everything, had it set up and added antifreeze substance. I had a short drive around and was pretty satisfied with the work I have done. Nevertheless I did feel that the fan seems not to be turning on at all. Well, it only started operating when I bended the throttle well.

First I thought that the problem was with the power supply or with the wires. But after testing them I have found out that the 12 V power supply reached the fan clutch. That seemed to be a problem – I have removed the radiator completely not long ago and now I have to take out the belt, the pulley and the fan clutch itself!

I remove the clutch and bring it home to test. What may be wrong with it? It is basically a simple coil! And it does operate when I bend the throttle! I use a multi-meter to check the resistance – it is about one megaohm.

The clutch itself became rather cracked and the compound was detached from the metal housing. It all literally hanged on the coil wires.

And this is where I have made a mistake. I decided to split off the compound where the crack is to see, where the winding is. And have almost ruined the wires. After I saw that there is no winding on the outer side I have disassembled the compound up until the very connector with the wires. I thought that the connector was dismountable and I tried to remove the plugs. In such a way I have made the second mistake.

It appeared that the plug had two small pins on the plastic part that are used to fix it in the metal housing (I have broken them), and the plugs are nothing but hollow pipes with the wires inside. It was rather difficult to see at once that is was soldering.

So I had to break off the wires from the connector, as well as the connector itself from the housing. Now we check the winding and see that it is in completely good condition and its resistance is 4,5 megaohms. In such a case we will have to extend it. But what is the reason of the clutch not operating normally?

Correction of mistakes

If your fan clutch does not work at all or works partially, here is what you need to do to restore its normal operation before disassembling it:

You need to strip a couple of wires from both ends and connect one end of the wire to the connector plug and another one to the multi-meter. Do the same thing with the second wire. After that take a soldering iron and use it to heat each of the connector plugs really well. Be sure to look at the multi-meter carefully at the same time. If this results in some effect and you see that the multi-meter displays the corresponding responses, either during some short period of time or constantly, you still need to drain as much solder from the pipe as possible and cover it with the fresh solder. In my case all the solder was clog with slag because it has been there for such a long time. Due to this the conductivity of the solder has fallen almost to zero.

If this way of restoring gave no results you may carefully crack the compound directly opposite the connector, but not more than 7 mm from the edge of the metal housing.
After getting to the wires you should remove the plug from the pipe by heating it with the soldering iron. Be sure to try not to break the winding wire terminations completely. After that you need to get read of all the old solder – you will replace it with the new one when soldering.

The smashed view of my fan clutch did not make me abandon the idea of trying to restore it.


After attaching the connector to the housing with the superglue and extending the winding wire terminators I was soldered to the connector. After that I have hidden the wires into the gaps that appeared there, and have filled them with a common epoxy resin.



After that I have painted it with black paint. Also I have painted the fan clutch housing with silver paint from the other side.



Well, the fan clutch is ready to work!

Mount it back and enjoy the result. The clutch is working properly and the cooling system is completely restored! But if in case it does not work, you may be in need of someone who can help you to have a clutch repair.

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