Rear shock absorber replacement – W201, W202, W124, W210

After finding this out I have realized that it’s thumbs down for the shock absorber:

Now let’s go step by step.
1. We need to remove the three pins that hold the gas tank covering (in the trunk) in order to remove the plastic wind covering.

Remove the tail-light border if you like – it only takes a minute but I’ll be much easier to get to the wing coverage.
2. Take the coverage out of the trunk.
For the W202 model, moving the coverage aside and screwing out the screws from the back seat is enough.

3. Screw out the screws that hold the upper part of the shock absorber. After that we need to fix the car and lift it a little bit by a leveling jack to remove the wheel.

4. Use the 10 mm spanner to screw out two screws that hold the plastic coverage of the bottom lever.

5. Remove the coverage by unlocking the tucks from the both sides of the lever.

6. Spray something over it and screw out the screw-nut of the bottom holder. When the screw-nut is loose, you better hold the screw-bolt so that it rotates inside of the plug and can be easily taken out. Be sure not to let the plug itself rotate together with the screw.

7. Use a screwdriver so that its leverage lifts the upper part of the shock absorber (I had gas ones) and remove the absorber from the lower part of the lever.

8. Compare the length of the new and the old one (just in case).

8a) While the shock absorber is off, clean the coil spring lot and check, whether it’s undamaged. I have discovered this:

9. Don’t forget to place a new rubber and a plug (in case the old ones are bad). I had mine supplied together with the shock absorber.

The old one wasn’t that bad, but when you have new ones…
10. Insert the bottom part of the shock absorber into the lever (you’d better pull and compress the news unit for several times before inserting).
11. I took the gas ones so in order to insert the top part an effort should be made.

12. Insert the lower screw and tighten the nut. Place the wheel back; lower the leveling jack (is it’s an oil one then be sure that the guide bar is inserted into the hole, you can direct it with a 8-10 mm screw-key).

13. Place a new top rubber and a disk over it, tighten one of the screw-nuts and then repeat it with the second one.

14. Mount the covering and the pins.
15. Enjoy your driving!

P.S. Photos from the both sides have been used (both left and right shock absorbers are identical).

Provided by krasnov190

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