Replacing the back coil springs on W202, 124, 201

Regarding the back springs – you will need scaffolding and 1,5-2 hours to replace both of them.

Unscrew the upper screw-nut that holds the shock absorber.

Lift one side with a leveling jack.

Unscrew the central screw-bolt out of the bottom lever.

Knock out the lever holding it with the other hand and then pull it out.

Insert the new spring and return the lever to its original place (a hydraulic jack can be used), then insert the screw-bolt.

If you need to lift the car back, the original spacers won’t do: if you replace the №1 with the №3 one, you get only 1-1,5 inch lift. As far as I know there are also №4 and №5 spacers but I wouldn’t recommend using them, as they are not provided for these models.

Provided by Kentavr

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