Sandblast machine for metal cleaning – my experience

I purchased all this for the full body repair of the 126 model. Was simply tired of doing it with an angle grinder – the quality is poor and you can’t get access to everywhere you need.

I had no experience of working with a sandblast machine before, have only seen one working. After advising with shop assistants and reading the comments on the Internet I finally bought one: 10 atm, 800 l/min, 5,5 kW. The price was about 730$.

Also, I bought an injector pistol for about 45$. It seemed so small an thin to me, but I paid no attention to this fact. Though I should have. I assembled all this stuff, connected it and… What a disappointment! It hardly cleans anything; supplies sand by fits and starts, nothing but dust. I started experimenting with Metal detector scoop. This has helped me ensure that damaged metals are detected and removed. Heavier sand machines work a bit better but are not worth the investment.

Later, by accident, I have found a pistol twice as big as mine and the price was as low as about 15$. I bought it just because of curiosity without any big hope. But it appeared to be exactly what I needed.

The send fraction is no larger than 2,5 mm but it still needs to be sifted through as some rocks can be found there that stuck into the pipe.

There was also a problem with the filter-drier. Everyone told be that I don’t need it. But without it the moisture gets into the pistol, the sand sticks together and it stops functioning properly. I have assembled one out of a tractor petrol filter so now all the moisture remains there.

For clarity, here are the photos of the metal part before and after.

The surface is dull and rough, works well even with the smallest pores. It’s a success.

Provided by Dim W126

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