The universal joint rear clutch and overhung bearing replacement – W190, W124

Some “lyrics” first… It all began when something started to howl, hoot like a siren, the higher engine speed was, the louder was the noise. Especially loud it was during wet weather or after driving over some puddles. The sound seemed to be coming from the center and somehow from the back. First I thought it could have been the gear system, but after visiting a car ramp it turned out to be suspension mount. Moreover, the time has come to change the flexible rear clutch, as the old one has worn out.


I got under the car…

Now let’s go step by step:

1. Lift any of the rear wheels to be able to rotate the universal joint.
2.Screw out the old rear clutch screw-bolts. Two screw keys (15 and 17 mm) are needed.

3. Screw out the retaining nut that holds the two halves of the universal joint (a screw key up to 45 mm or a 40-mm spanner is needed). Two turnovers are enough.
Caution: be aware when assembling, that the retaining nut torque value is 30-40 N·m.

4. Screw out the overhung bearing holder screws (13-mm spanner wrench head).

5. Before disassembling the rear universal joint part you should mark the positions of each half of the universal joint as bringing it into state of equilibrium is done after assembling. Take a screwdriver and hook the reduction unit shank.

Remove the stick out of the reduction unit shank, lower it and pull towards the reduction unit.

6. Knock off the old rear clutch.

7. Twitch the rubber part off the overhung bearing and knock off the bearing with a screwdriver.

Here what it looks like from inside…

Let’s be charitable: it’s twenty years old and has lots of miles behind its back.
8. Use the old overhung bearing to assemble the new one.

The old rear clutch and the new one.

For reference: the old (original one) clutch has manufactured by the Jurid company and the new one by Febi – it’s supplied with new screws and retaining nuts.
9. Assemble everything in reversed order using the new clutch screws as they can be used only once.

It took me two and a half hours to complete all this. Good luck to everybody!

Provided by Kentavr

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