Upper ball joint replacement on Mercedes C202

Sorry for the images quality, had to use my cell phone to make the photos.

There’s nothing difficult in this procedure, it only takes about an hour to complete it, including a couple of breaks. You are going to need a 10-, 16- and 17-mm spanner and a 7-, 10- and 16-mm spanner wrench head, as well as a screwdriver and a tool to remove the ball joint and the wheel. That’s it.

First of all let’s get to the engine room from the driver’s side. Disconnect the pipes attached to the washing jar and remove the latter aside. Now you can see the bolthead.

I have disconnected the wires located under the brake booster for them not to block the access to the screw nut.

Place the spanner over the screw nut – although there isn’t much space to do this, the spanner still fits there without any significant problems.

Take the 16-mm ratchet wrench and simply unscrew the screw nut, but leave the screw-bolt itself inside.

Now remove the wheel and unscrew the upper ball joint screw-nut. Push out the ball joint with a special tool or knock the ring with a hammer and it’ll jump out.

Pull the screw-bolt on the top: now you can hold the ball joint lever.

Assemble a new lever – it’ll take some time to make the screw-bolt get into the hole. Tight it up and place it back.

Now place the wheel back and your first side is ready. Now let’s get to the second one: remove the air filter body cover and unscrew the expansion tank. Move it aside – now you have access to the screw. I have unscrewed the memory unit cover located from the other side and have found two 7-mm screws there, as well as one screw aside, near the heater. I didn’t manage to pull the box out, but could lift it a little bit towards the windscreen, and have inserted a pipe under it. In such a way I arranged some space that was big enough to hold the screw-nut with a spanner.

All you need to do now is simply repeat all the actions that have been made with the first side. And finally – complete.

And here’s the old ball joint, I wonder if it could pass 200,000 miles along the roads?

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